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Services - Abaya Mandapa

Contented & Comfy Rooms

Our newly launched rooms with extra comfort, air-conditioned and stunning Sri Lankan atmosphere blended with a luxurious feel. Also included, -Hot & Cold Water. -Bottled Water. -Mini-Refrigerator. -Hair Dryer. -PEO TV. -Wardrobe with enough space. -Toiletries Kit. -If Needed, Ironing facilities. The doors of your rooms which lead you to your own balcony give you an extremely calming scenery of Sacred Stupas beyond the Abhaya Wawa which was built by King Pandukabhaya and a worry-free relaxation because of the chilling breeze which comes through the huge trees on the lake bund. These richly spacious rooms give you a happy, calming stay in Abhaya Mandapa.

Delectable & Traditional Sri Lankan Vegetarian Cuisine

Our homely feeling restaurant offers you a traditional Sri Lankan cuisine where you can explore a vivid combination of VEGETARIAN dishes. Moreover, our friendly staff will welcome you warmly to awake your taste buds with our tempting, delicious foodies. Please remember we DON'T OFFER LIQUOR & WINE in our dining area as well as inside the hotel area. Facility : Free Wi-Fi availability

Soothing and Relaxation

Vacations are meant to be for relaxing. To take a break from the business and embrace the calmness to cut off the stressful daily life routines and spend time with loved ones or alone joyously. Abhaya Mandapa is the best place if you're looking to spend your vacation either for relaxation like above or to enroll in religious activities.

The walking path right in front of our hotel gives you a chance to relax while working out or cycling while watching the scenic beauty of the Abhaya wawa. The whistling & chilling fresh wind will give you calmness and the best stress-free pleasure with the magnificent scenry of both sunrise and sunset view beyond the lake.

Your Own Made Buddha Pooja

A religious tradition of our Sri Lankan Buddhists is to worship sacred Ruwanwelisaya stupa, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, Thuparama, and other honored places throughout the city Anuradhapura. They sacrifice various kinds of pooja to show faith and devotion. So, we Abhaya Mandapa offer a special facility for pilgrims. A separate place to prepare your own Kiri Ahara Pooja & Gilanpasa Pooja. And in special arrangements like Dana, please contact us.

Travel Facilities

A walking distance from our hotel to Ruwanwelisaya stupa , Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi & Thuparama stupa. For special tours near Abhaya Mandapa kindly contact us.